How hungry are you?

We have delicious on-the-go Rolls and sit-down Bowls

Our Signature Kathi Rolls

Each of our Kathi Rolls is custom made to your choice. A flaky flatbread paratha with or without a layer of seasoned beaten egg and rolled with your choice of Chicken, Beef & Lamb, Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Halloumi Cheese or Shrimp in 4 different flavors and topped with your choices in Sauteed Onions, Sauteed Bell Peppers and other greens with a bevy of sauces on the side ranging from the mild green coriander leaves chutney to the spicy (& garlicy) red chutney.

For our Gluten-free friends, we have all of above fillings (except Beef/Lamb), flavors and sauces in a Corn Tortilla instead of the traditional Paratha

For our vegan fans, we are happy to offer Chickpeas or Potatoes & Peas Kathi Rolls

For some color on our flavor choices, please scroll below

Our Signature Kathi Bowls

This is where the traditional meets the un-traditional. Our take on Kathi Bowls includes your choice of Chicken, Beef/Lamb, Shrimp, Paneer, Halloumi in your favorite flavors from Tikka, Bihari, Achari and Peri-Peri on a bed of White Rice or Brown Rice or Quinoa or Black Lentils topped with greens such as cucumbers, arugula, romaine and tomatoes with choices for dressings and add-ons for a wholesome and tasty meal

All of our fillings (except Beef/Lamb) and sauces are gluten free

Our vegan patrons are welcome to enjoy our Chickpeas or Potatoes & Peas bowls

Our Flavors

Tikka - This is a traditional, instantly recognizable flavor that is most popular in the west made famous by ever-loved dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala.

Bihari - This is a slightly more intense and earthy flavor with spices such as Coriander seeds, Poppy seeds, roasted Gram, Cinnamon etc

Achari - Derived from "Achar", meaning "Pickle", this flavor has a tangy note to it that is reminiscent of the traditional meal in the Pakistan - India region that is incomplete without a side of Achar

Peri-Peri: Chef's take on the all-time South African favorite with a smoky paprika flavor profile