How hungry are you?

We have delicious on-the-go Rolls and sit-down Bowls

Our Signature Kathi Rolls

Each of our Kathi Rolls is custom made to your choice. A flaky flatbread paratha with or without a layer of seasoned beaten egg and rolled with your choice of Chicken, Beef & Lamb, Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Halloumi Cheese, Egg or Mongolian Beef in different flavors and topped with your choices in Sauteed Onions, Sauteed Bell Peppers and other greens with a bevy of sauces on the side ranging from the mild green coriander leaves chutney to the spicy (& garlicy) red chutney.

For our Gluten-free friends, we have all of above fillings (except Beef/Lamb), flavors and sauces in a traditional Paratha

For our vegan fans, we are happy to offer Chickpeas Kathi Rolls

For some color on our flavor choices, please scroll below

Our Signature Kathi Bowls

This is where the traditional meets the un-traditional. Our take on Kathi Bowls includes your choice of Chicken, Beef/Lamb, Paneer, Halloumi in your favorite flavors on a bed of White Rice or or Quinoa topped with greens such as cucumbers, arugula, romaine and tomatoes with choices for dressings and add-ons for a wholesome and tasty meal

All of our fillings (except Beef/Lamb) and sauces are gluten free

Our vegan patrons are welcome to enjoy our Chickpeas bowl

Our Flavors

Tikka - This is a traditional, instantly recognizable flavor that is most popular in the west made famous by ever-loved dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala.

Bihari - This is a slightly more intense and earthy flavor with spices such as Coriander seeds, Poppy seeds, roasted Gram, Cinnamon etc

Buffalo - Tender chicken breast strips dunked in buffalo sauce and wrapped in a flaky paratha with sauteed onions and bell peppers

Mongolian Beef - Tender beef chunks in combination of sauces with fragrant julienne ginger, garlic, lightly wok sauteed onions and crisp bell peppers topped with spring onions in a decadent and tasty paratha wrap *contains oyster sauce

Chicken Seekh Kabab - Ground meat is seasoned with spices, mixed in with chopped greens and hand wrapped around a skewer (seekh) before being grilled to perfection.