Everyday Specials


Its fascinating to me how foods take on hues from the regions they are in...which is what brings me to a dish near and dear to my heart. It is known as Haleem. This delectable dish, seems to have originated in erstwhile Persia and took on different flavors and ingredients as it made its way through the Indian subcontinent. The traditional Pakistani version consists of whole wheat grains, whole barley, lentils and shredded meat with a blend of spices that makes it a healthy, hearty and delicious meal. As you make your way down the Indian subcontinent to Hyderabad, it is common to see dry fruits like pistachios added to the wheat, barley, lentil and meat blend. Haleem is usually topped with finely chopped green chillies, julienne ginger and fried onions for the crunch. It can be had by itself as a porridge or you could use a paratha(Flaky Bread) to scoop up the delicious goodness


We make our Biryanis the traditional way in a batch with the rice layered into the meat/veggies and slow cooked in its own steam with a heap of love and patience thrown in. We recommend pre-ordering to reserve your own biryani serving.

Chicken Vindaloo

If you need to give your taste buds a treat, then try this amazing Chicken Vindaloo. Originally from Goa, based on the Portuguese dish carne de vinha d'alhos. A standard element of Goan cuisine (literally "meat in garlic marinade"), a vindaloo is a dish of meat (usually pork) marinated in vinegar and garlic. The basic structure of the Portuguese dish was the Portuguese sailor's "preserved" raw ingredients, packed in wooden barrels of alternate layers of pork and garlic, and soaked in red wine. This was adapted by the local Goan cooks with the substitution of palm vinegar for the red wine, and the addition of spices. It evolved into the localized and easy-to-pronounce dish "vindaloo".

Butter Chicken

Traditionally known as Murgh Makhani, It is a type of curry made from chicken with a spiced tomato and butter (Makhan) sauce. Its sauce is known for its rich texture. It is similar to chicken tikka masala, which uses a tomato paste. Chicken is marinated for several hours in a mixture of lemon juice, Dahi (yogurt), Kashmiri red chili, salt, garam masala (Roasted spices), ginger paste, and garlic paste. It is served in a mild curry sauce that includes butter. The sauce is a tomato, garlic, and ginger-based sauce that is simmered until smooth and much of the water has evaporated, finally garnished with coriander.

Palak Paneer With Rice

A dish of North Indian origin consisting of palak (spinach) and paneer (cottage cheese) in a thick curry sauce based on pureed spinach, onion, tomatoes, and spices. Vegetarian, Low carb & Gluten-free!

Chicken Seekh Kabab

Ground meat is seasoned with spices, mixed in with chopped greens and hand wrapped around a skewer (seekh) before being grilled to perfection.